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Why do I need a bite guard?

Many people grind or clench their teeth while they are sleeping, and they aren’t even aware they are doing it. Often it is their dentist who uncovers the habit because they can see teeth that have worn down. If your Denver dentist recommends a bite guard after an evaluation of the wear on your teeth, wearing it at night can help protect your teeth from further damage.  

If you continue to grind or clench your teeth at night without intervention, you may start feeling pain in the jaw joint (the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ). You might also begin to experience headaches and pain that radiates along the jaw.

A custom-made bite guard is different from the mouthguards you can purchase over the counter to protect your teeth while playing sports. These soft guards are not made to run interference with the act of grinding or clenching.

We will make a bite guard in Denver for you from an impression of your teeth and bite registration. After you wear it for a week, we will see you again to adjust it as needed. A bite guard that fits you properly can last for a very long time. And it will eliminate the grinding motion—protecting your teeth and keeping you pain-free.

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