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Tidbit Toothsday

August 1, 2017
Posted By: Highland Smiles, PLLC
Tidbit Toothsday | Dental Care for Animals

We are most frequently blogging about our dental care and treatment but what about our furry friends?  Pets can suffer from bad breath, missing, loose, or broken teeth, inflamed gums, and pain/discomfort if they do not received proper dental care.  Gum disease can cause other health concerns also.  Daily brushing will help remove disease-causing dental plaque and most veterinary clinics recommend annual cleanings beginning at the age of one for our four legged family members.  Poor diet can also cause tooth and gum issues; dry food is generally better than canned food for tooth health.  Dogs can enjoy a chew bone to help keep teeth and gums clean.

So what are signs of poor dental health?

  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty eating
  • Visible tarter on the teeth
  • Swelling under the eyes
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Discharge from the nose
  • Pawing at teeth or mouth
  • Drooling or excessive salvation
  • Discoloration or staining of teeth
  • Red, swollen, irritated or bleeding gums
  • Weight loss or loss of appetite

Just like good dental care is recommended for us, adopting a simple plan for our canine and feline family can keep them happy and healthy.

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