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Finding the Right Dentist in Denver, CO

November 21, 2016
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When you are looking for the right dentist, it is a more involved process than simply doing an online search for "dentist in Denver". You want to find a dentist who will partner with you in maintaining your oral health for many years to come. So should you consider when you are looking for the right dentist in Denver?

Ask Others About Their Dentist

Rather than searching on the Internet, go straight to the source by asking trusted family and friends if they would recommend their own dentist. This is the best way to gain first-hand knowledge of the type of dentist and the type of practice you might be put in touch with. Others might also have recommendations, such as your pharmacist or family doctor. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations.

Get Close and Personal With the Practice

There are certain things you want to know about the practice in question before you select it as your new dentist. For example,

  • Are emergency hours available for patients who have a dental emergency?
  • Are the doctors open and up front about treatment plans and cost estimates?
  • How does the dentist make patients feel more comfortable in the dentist chair? Do they offer sedation?
  • Is the office clean and comfortable?
  • What kind of technology is available?

Hone in on the Right Dentist by Asking Questions

Once you have the names of some recommended dentists, it’s time to find out more. Ask them the following questions to assess whether this practice might be the best for you and your family: 

  • Is the office in a convenient location with convenient hours? If not, this will make it tough for you to actually see your dentist. A location close to home or work makes the most sense.
  • Does the dentist submit insurance claims to all providers?
  • What payment options do they offer?

Dentists in the Denver Highlands 

Finding the right dentist in Denver doesn’t have to be a difficult process. If you are looking for a dentist in Denver, we are taking new patients at Highland Smiles. Call us today!

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