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3 Big Benefits of Dental Implants

March 10, 2017
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Dental Implants | Denver CO

If you are missing one or more teeth, you might have thought about the best replacements for them. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, most dentists will agree that dental implants are the best option.

There are plenty of reasons to favor dental implants over dentures, so let’s take a look at what your Denver, CO dentist has to say about them.

1. Dental implants will not shift the way dentures can.

Because the dental implants are integrated into your jawbone, they don’t move. Denture wearers are often concerned about dentures that shift or make clicking noises during speech or laughter.

Dental implants are completely immobile. Recipients can be self-confident whenever they open their mouth.

2. Dental implants prevent facial collapse.

Over time, denture wearers develop a sunken-in look as their jawbone deteriorates. Without tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone, the body no longer sends nutrients to the area and the bone begins to shrink. This can make denture-wearers take on an aged appearance.

Dental implants prevent this from happening because the implants continue to stimulate the jawbone, keeping it strong and healthy.

3. Dental implants provide the form and function that is closest to your natural teeth.

Dental implants look much more like your natural teeth than dentures do, and they closely mimic the function of your natural teeth as well. Whereas denture wearers may have restrictions from eating their favorite foods, those with dental implants are able to enjoy all the healthy foods they love.

You can care for your dental implants much like you do your natural teeth. Even though dental implants cannot develop cavities, you will still want to brush and floss regularly to keep your gums healthy. Also keep up with dental examinations and professional cleanings twice each year!

Find out more about dental implants from your Denver, CO dentist at Highland Smiles!

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