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Zing! Causes and Solutions for Your Root Sensitivity

Root Sensitivity | Denver CO Dentist

A sensitive tooth or root can give you a painful zing just when you least expect it! This issue can be chronic and it seems to affect a large number of adults in America. The good news is that there are solutions when you can determine the cause of this condition. Here are some tips on how to successfully manage root sensitivity.

What Causes Root Discomfort?

There are a number a factors that can contribute to root sensitivity. Here are some of the things that cause root discomfort:

  • A broken or decayed filling
  • A fractured root or inflamed pulp inside your tooth
  • Heavy biting forces
  • Brushing or flossing too vigorously
  • Gum recession caused by periodontal disease

How Can ...

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How Gum Disease Can Put Older Women at Risk for Cancer

Older Women | Gum Disease and Cancer | Denver CO Dentist

Thanks to new emerging information, we keep learning more facts about how oral health is connected to overall health and well being. Researchers have recently discovered a new link between periodontal disease and cancer in older women. Here's what you should know.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

Also known as gum disease, periodontal disease is an infection of the support system for your teeth, which consists of your gums and jawbone. Excess plaque and tartar buildup that is not consistently removed will cause the infection, which will eventually lead to gum and tooth loss if it is left untreated.

Did you know that gum disease affects 70% of people aged 65 and above ...

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Tidbit Toothsday

Tidbit Toothsday | Highland Smiles | Dentist Denver Co

Football season is here!!  You know what that means??  Food, food, and more food.  While you enjoy the game, here are a few tasty treat suggestions that are good for your teeth.

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Tidbit Toothsday

Tidbit Toothsday | Dental Care for Animals

We are most frequently blogging about our dental care and treatment but what about our furry friends?  Pets can suffer from bad breath, missing, loose, or broken teeth, inflamed gums, and pain/discomfort if they do not received proper dental care.  Gum disease can cause other health concerns also.  Daily brushing will help remove disease-causing dental plaque and most veterinary clinics recommend annual cleanings beginning at the age of one for our four legged family members.  Poor diet can also cause tooth and gum issues; dry food is generally better than canned food for tooth health.  Dogs can enjoy a chew bone to help keep teeth and gums clean.

So what are ...

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