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Why We Take X-rays

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Have you wondered why the dentist takes x-rays?

Reasons we take x-rays:

  1.  Examining areas prior to performing procedures.    
  2. Looking for infections at the tip of the root.  
  3. Checking for bone loss. 
  4.  Inspecting for decay between teeth and under fillings. 
  5. Reviewing changes during growth and in-between visits.

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Dental Fun Facts!

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  • NO CAVITIES? There is evidence to suggest that in prehistoric times, early humans didn’t really have cavities because they didn’t consume sugar!
  • TONGUES ARE LIKE FINGERPRINTSIn addition to being one of the strongest muscles in the body, tongues have a unique “tongue print”.  Researchers are working on 3-D imaging machines to take tongue prints.
  • KNOCK ON WOODMuch to the astonishment of many Americans, George Washington’s legendary dentures were not made of wood!  They were made from a combination of elephant and hippopotamus ivory.
  • SPEAKING OF ELEPHANTSElephants have six sets of teeth throughout their life!  The final teeth are over eight inches long from front ...

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Referral Prize

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During the month of July, existing patients that refer a new patient will be entered to win a prize in addition to a $25.00 in-house account credit.  Ask us for details!

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