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Dental Fun Facts!

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  • NO CAVITIES? There is evidence to suggest that in prehistoric times, early humans didn’t really have cavities because they didn’t consume sugar!
  • TONGUES ARE LIKE FINGERPRINTSIn addition to being one of the strongest muscles in the body, tongues have a unique “tongue print”.  Researchers are working on 3-D imaging machines to take tongue prints.
  • KNOCK ON WOODMuch to the astonishment of many Americans, George Washington’s legendary dentures were not made of wood!  They were made from a combination of elephant and hippopotamus ivory.
  • SPEAKING OF ELEPHANTSElephants have six sets of teeth throughout their life!  The final teeth are over eight inches long from front ...

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Referral Prize

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During the month of July, existing patients that refer a new patient will be entered to win a prize in addition to a $25.00 in-house account credit.  Ask us for details!

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